Personal GPS SOS


SOS Personal GPS Tracker - Mini, Portable GPS Device

$228 $329 for limited time.

When time is of the essence, you can depend on us to provide you with World-Class 5-star 4G 5G Nationwide service to locate and quickly communicate with your loved one.

SecuLife Easy-To-Use GPS Trackers Are Providing Safety & Quality of Life for Seniors.


The Personal GPS Tracker also features easy-to-use TWO-WAY CALLING CAPABILITIES. When there is an emergency, push and hold the SOS BUTTON, which will immediately alert the preset contacts.


It only takes 5 minutes to activate, install, and start tracking! The Seculife app will work on any smartphone, Apple IOS, Android, or Windows. With our intuitive software, you can add contacts & SET PERMISSIONS, turn on & off features, and decide what ALERTS & NOTIFICATIONS you want and how to get them from the app (Push, Email & SMS). Then, easily use the Seculife app to MONITOR AND TRACK YOUR LOVED ONES from your mobile phone.


SecuLife's SIMPLE TO USE GPS tracker provides an EASY way to monitor your loved ones' location anytime, anywhere. Our Personal SOS GPS Tracker was designed for Senior Citizens with Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Special Needs.


The tracker provides CONTINUOUS ALL-DAY MONITORING with a secured IoT 5G 4G LTE cellular network. Expanded GPS TRACKING capabilities work in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Know immediately if your loved one is lost, and find them ASAP! Special details include unlimited REAL-TIME TRACKING, Customizable GEOFENCED AREAS, Detailed Location History, & More.

Get your very own SOS Personal GPS Tracker!

Free Device with a pre-plan of 12-month.

Risk-free trial for the first 30 days.

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All Plans Include

Unlimited Alerts

Unlimited Tracking

Unlimited Geofencing

Unlimited Guardians

Lifetime Device Warranty

What Our Customers Say

This device works very well providing me with exact location of my elderly parents.

Tina A.
Verified Customer

This device is amazing, I am less worried about my mom knowing where she is at all times. Very easy to use.

Dave B.
Verified Customer

I love how small and stylish this device is, works great and set up took no time at all. The kids love it too.

Sarah P.
Verified Customer

Just got this today. It is small, sleek and along with the app, very helpful in communicating with my love one, Set up took about 10 minutes.

Anny S.
Verified Customer

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