Less Worry, More Fun This Summer! The Best Choice for GPS Trackers For Kids.

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It's not a topic parents commonly share with other parents due to the embarrassment or judgment about their needing to be more attentive or easily distracted. But let's face it, almost every parent has had that heartstopping moment when they look down at their side, and their little one is not within eyeshot! Usually, they are close by, but some children tend to wander off when enticed by a shiny object.

In fact, it has been reported that at least 22% of parents have lost their child for at least an hour or more. In addition, 23% of parents reported their child had left home without the parent's knowledge.We all know how valuable it is mentally, emotionally, and cognitively for our children to have activities that allow them to grow and learn outside of the home and away from a school environment. This better supports a child's ability to make proper decisions, improve memory skills, prepare for self-control and responses to environmental stimuli, and help with impulse control.

So how do we keep them safe?

Especially while attending after-school activities, school breaks, field trips, stay-away camps, and visits to families and friends' homes. There are several exciting solutions, but one that tops the list is a Kids GPS Tracker with Real-Time GPS Location, Two-Way Voice Communication, Geofencing, an SOS Button for Emergencies, and several modes to receive alerts. Most preferred are notifications sent directly to the parent's Text Messages, Email, and Directly from a Mobile App. Better yet, all three!

Even better is the ability to add Multiple Guardians to the Notifications so you and your child have ample support. Other vital specifications when selecting the Best GPS Kids Tracker are ensuring the equipment is Waterproof, which means it is Splash Resistant, and the Battery Life will last a minimum of 12 to 24 hours. A good device will tell you if the battery is running low and needs to be recharged. You also need a device operating on a Nationwide Cellular Network. Bluetooth devices are only suitable for a particular purpose and are reliable connections if connected to a mobile device and within a very close range of 50 feet. Whereas 4G Cellular Devices can track anywhere, there is a Cellular Service.

The next question would be, how do I get my 6-year-old to keep the tracker with them?

This a fundamental question, so make sure your selection is a device that has multiple wearable options, such as a Lanyard, Belt Clip which can be attached in many ways, not just to a belt, an Armband, or Pouch, or you can fit it into a pocket, backpack, etc. Pick a high-quality device with all of the bells and whistles. Give your kids some independence and allow yourself some much-needed peace of mind.