Safety & Peace of Mind

Safety & Peace of Mind

SecuLife® is a US-based company providing GPS tracking products and safety alert devices to help protect people and their valuables. SecuLife products come with Industry Leading Warranty and Unlimited Live Customer Support.

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Our Products

Kids GPS SOS Tracker 

Two colors to choose from 

SOS Smartwatch-GPS Enabled 

SOS Personal GPS Tracker 

Two colors to choose from 

SOS GPS Wristband 

Two colors to choose from 

OBD Vehicle GPS Tracker Plug & Play OBD-ll Port

Vehicle & Asset Mini GPS Tracker, Easily hidden

What Our Customers Think!

Seculife® Kids GPS SOS Tracker 24/7 Monitoring

Track & Locate your children quickly with our advanced, reliable & accurate location details viewable on the SecuLife® live map. Set up customizable notification alerts when your child exits or enters preset geofenced areas around their school, home, park, childcare facility, friends, or family members' homes. Allow more independence and maintain freedom without sacrificing safety. Lightweight and easy to attach to backpacks or clothing. Clear two-way voice communication and remote calling features. The large SOS button, when clicked, will dial three contacts one after another until it has been answered. 

The Kids GPS Tracker Is Loaded With Features


The COMPACT SIZE will allow your kids to stay safe and connected without anything heavy weighing them down.

IP67 SPLASH RESISTANT and durable design allows them to wear the tracker without it impeding their day-to-day activities

Easy To Use


Stay in touch with the push of a button. With a personal alert system at your fingertips, no matter where you are, stay in touch with your loved ones without the need for phone numbers or memorizing complicated contact information. Talk to your child with Seculife's Two-Way Call Feature directly from the SOS button, giving you peace of mind all day long.

Seniors And Young Adults SOS Life Saving Smart Watch

Sometimes a cellphone or landline is not enough to provide the safety and security needed. Trying to reach for a phone or find a cellphone during an accident can be impossible. But, with the SecuLife® SOS Smartwatch with two-way calling capabilities and SOS auto dialing feature, help can be on the way fast! The SOS Smartwatch comes pre-installed with a 4G LTE sim card, allowing for the highest level of call clarity, location tracking, and response speeds. 

SOS Smart Watch is Small & Lightweight

The COMPACT SIZE and COMFORTABLE FIT will allow you to stay safe and connected without anything heavy weighing you down or sacrificing your dignity to bulky trackers worn around your neck.

Splash Resistance

The SecuLife® Smartwatch is IP67 splash resistant, making it a convenient device you can wear all day, and if splashed, it will continue to function. Plus, with our Lifetime Warranty, we will replace the device anytime as long as you have a current subscription.

SOS Personal GPS Tracker 

When time is of the essence, you can depend on us to provide you with World-Class 5-star 4G 5G Nationwide service to locate and quickly communicate with your loved one. Alzheimer's and dementia can cause wandering and the potential to get lost, putting them at serious risk. Knowing you can protect and find your family member quickly lowers anxiety providing peace of mind and the safety you deserve. In addition, our easy setup, unlimited pre-set geofencing locations, and modifiable notifications can all be done effortlessly on the SecuLife® Mobile App.

Get Help When You Need It The Most 

Alzheimer's and dementia can cause wandering and the potential to get lost, putting them at serious risk. Knowing you can protect and find your family member quickly lowers anxiety providing peace of mind and the safety you deserve. In addition, our easy setup, unlimited pre-set geofencing locations, and modifiable notifications can all be done effortlessly on the SecuLife® Mobile App.

Easy-To-Use Providing Safety & Quality of Life for Seniors

Set up customizable alerts for wandering, appointments, pill reminders, low-battery notifications, and more. Allow more independence and maintain freedom without sacrificing safety. Lightweight and easy to attach to clothing, keep in a pocket or backpack. Also includes a clear two-way speakerphone feature.

SecuLife® GL300/GL320 Assets & Vehicle Tracking Device

Real-Time GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Valuables, Equipment, and More. Great for up-to-the-minute real-time tracking of vehicles, valuable assets, luggage, recreational equipment, business fleets, trailers, motorcycles, bikes, construction equipment, and anything of value. Compact, battery-powered, and easy to use, designed to track and monitor items easily, providing exceptional 4G/5G Nationwide Network Connectivity and our Cloud-Based Technology that gives you the data you want when you want it. Alerts are delivered when the tracker enters or exits a pre-set geofenced area monitor where the item travels quickly from the mobile app. We offer several Commitment-Free Low-Cost monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Track Any Asset or Motor Vehicle

The SecuLife® GL320 GPS Tracker is designed to meet the growing needs of individuals and businesses. Our products help protect your vehicles or valuable assets anytime and anywhere you need to. Our compact battery-powered assistive technology lets you quickly find your vehicle or personal belongings' location in real-time. In addition, our Seculife® mobile app software provides you with in-depth reporting that is easy to use; we are continually streamlining and optimizing the features to suit your needs.

Reliable GPS Tracking

Keep track of your important possessions, such as shipments, packages, luggage, purses, backpacks, boats, drones, and bicycles. Prevent theft and loss while improving your chances of asset recovery. Track any car, RV, ATV, truck, motorcycle, or valuable where it travels, anytime and from anywhere.

OBD Vehicle GPS Tracker Plug & Play OBD-II Port

SecuLife® Real-Time Vehicle OBD GPS Tracker is an easy-to-use plug-in device that monitors your vehicle's location every 3 seconds and provides trip history data that is available for up to one year and viewable on your SecuLife Mobile App. Your OBD is supported by our nationwide, secure NB I0T CATM 4G 5G LTE cellular service. Receive alert notifications when your vehicle enters or exits an area or if the OBD is removed. Great for tracking cars, trucks, business fleets, and recreational vehicles. Batteries are not required, compatible with a wide range of input voltage, and compatible with most vehicles.

Seculife® OBD Vehicle Tracking Mobile App

With SecuLife® OBD vehicle tracking device and mobile app software, you can:

Track your vehicle's location in real-time.

Monitor vehicle speed limit and driver behavior. Perfect for monitoring new or teen drivers, rental car units, fleets, and loaner vehicles on apps like Turo.

Get alerts when a vehicle leaves its dedicated location set up by you in our mobile app.

Create geofencing perimeters to track when vehicles enter or leave a specified location.

Track your vehicle each turn the driver makes or every 100 yards the vehicle moves, and keep monitoring even when it's not moving. The vehicle can be tracked every minute, each hour, or any tracking interval time you wish to set.

Seculife® OBD Vehicle


Vehicle OBD GPS Tracker devices were designed to encourage driver safety and promote responsible driving habits. With the easy-to-use SecuLife Mobile App, you will receive up-to-the-minute location and historical route reports and other unique and valuable features. GPS tracking is a simple and cost-effective approach to tracking and managing automobiles. Our user-friendly software allows you to review and track the car's position, monitor driver conduct, and more. Plus, enjoy easy, convenient monitoring right from your phone.

SOS Wristband - GPS Enabled Medical Wristband

Track your loved ones in real-time and access remote location history information on the go with our secure mobile app. In addition, the SecuLife® safety alert wristband and personal safety provide an innovative way to monitor loved ones from anywhere, anytime. Give yourself the peace of mind and confidence you deserve. 

Help at Your Fingertips

Allow more independence and safety while maintaining freedom without compromising security. 24/7 protection & well-being for your loved one at all times. SOS Call Button lets you know immediately if your loved one needs help. Alerts are sent immediately if your loved one travels outside designated pre-set safe areas. Know if they are in unfamiliar places, late arrivals, and more

Find Your Loved One Quickly

View the location of your loved one with our easy-to-use SecuLife® Mobile App software. In addition, the SOS wristband offers essential features that send alerts to the mobile app, SMS, and emails, such as fall detection and emergency SOS notifications. Stay up to date on current locations, know if they wander from pre-set geofenced areas, schedule medication alerts, review daily physical activity, remotely call if non-responsive, and monitor safety.

Download our FREE Mobile App to use with all devices

Seculife's mobile app personal security monitoring system is for those who matters most in your life!

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Does Seculife offer warranty? 

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all devices with a current subscription

How do I purchase service data plan?

You can purchase our service plan by clickinghere or by giving us a call at (877) 606-8080 

Do you offer money back guarantee?

We offer a 30 day Money back Guarantee 

How do I replace a broken item?

You can replace your broken item by giving our customer service a call at (877) 606-8080 

How long does shipping take?

We offer free standard shipping which normally takes 5-7 days, we also offer expedited shipping at a cost. 

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Help When You Need It The Most

Track your loved ones, assets, & vehicle location in real-time and access remote location history information on the go with our secure mobile app. SecuLife's safety alert wristband, personal safety, and asset tracking devices provide an innovative way to monitor loved ones, valuables, or business assets anytime, from anywhere, giving you the peace of mind and confidence, you deserve.